Karate: The Best Exercise for Your Kids



Technology has eaten most of today’s generation of children seeing most of them stuck inside their homes and doing nothing other than playing computer games or whiling their time away with a new application downloaded on their cell phones. But, everyone is aware that exercise and physical activity is very vital in promoting a child’s health, although these children are uninterested in outside play.


Because of this, parents should be more inclined to get their kids off the couch and encourage more physical activities and improve their social skills too in the process. Karate, which is a form of martial arts, is a superb way of getting your kids into exercising and doing some physical activity and at the same time encouraging socialization with other children. Yes, the positive advantage of doing karate is a lot.


Karate for many parents is deemed to encourage violence and bad behaviour making them apprehensive of allowing their kids to learn the art. This belief, however, is unfounded and very little write ups suggest that children who learn martial arts such as karate are more violent than others. Karate is a great activity that is enjoyable and at the same time develops a child’s wellness, improves focus and maintains discipline. Taking a class in karate not only promotes body movements but also teaches self-discipline, honour and attention. Kids will learn how to defend themselves and acquire fighting skills within the confines of a safe setting that will promote brotherhood and discipline. Overtime, karate classes will build one’s character more than just learning how to fight.


It is established that karate lessons develop better health and wellness. Increased physical activity does not only exercise the legs and arms but also the heart muscles improving its strength and promotes better distribution of oxygen through the entire body. The greatest martial artist and karate experts are more flexible and are able to adapt to different situations and thus are stronger physical and mentally. Being physically active prevents children from acquiring long term health concerns like obesity and health problems and also will keep them from being locked in front of computer screens that will in time may damage their eyes. Not only does the body become healthy, but through karate, the mind also becomes healthy. Karate improves a lot of things about a child’s personality like their confidence and their self-worth letting them live a healthier life.


Karate lessons are also a recommended activity for children who have behaviour issues. Parents with children who have attention deficit disorders and hyperactivity disorders will find that a few lessons of karate will improve their child’s attentiveness and help keep their focus. Children with such concerns not only acquire improved concentration but are also able to use their extra energy to express themselves in a positive manner.


In the end, parents should be more encouraging when it comes to their children doing exercise and other physical movement.


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